Our Final Piece

Here is our final piece ‘The Zone’:

In this version we had originated to our original film distributor Film4, and we have added a new logo for the opening for the film.


Contact Method – Christian, Kevin, James, Kabir

We decided to keep in touch in two ways:

The first Facebook!

We started a discussion group so that we could keep in contact with our actors and each other over weekends and holidays.


The second was Skype!

Titles, Production Company, and Distributor – Christian, James, Kabir and Kevin

The title graphic for our film ‘The Zone’ was made by Kabir. The logo was designed to have an eerie feel to it to immediantly convey the genre of the film as a horror. Its mysterious, you can’t see what is in the “o” and you also cannot identify from it that it is a zombie film. It sets up this engima code with the audience asking questions such as “what is the zone?” which generates interest and curiosity just from the title graphics. The whole thing is dark with messy graffeti style spraypaint style writing which reflects the setting as being urban and the tone for the film which is dark.
We decided as we would be shooting and creating our film and any money spent on it (for example fake blood) would come from us, then we should form our own production company. So ‘Sublime Productions’ was formed which was created by Kevin on Photoshop. Our independant production company was just going to produce dark or horror films. We chose the word ‘Sublime’ in a jagged font over a background of blood staines to be are logo because these colours (blood red and black) and shapes (sharp jagged like a knife) are icongraphic of the genre of films we want to produce as a production company. The word ‘Sublime’ means awe-inspiring and that is what we as a production company want our films to be.

We have chosen ‘Icon’ to distribute our film. They distributed independent and bigger budget films in the UK and the USA. The films they distribute are of all different genres, but recently distributed films that are independant or studio horror/thrillers  such as “Paranormal activity” and “30 Days of Night” and has a hostory of distributing horror films. They haven’t yet however distributed a film on zombies except the film “Black Sheep” which is about zombie/killer sheep. This could mean they don’t want zombie films, but it might also present us with an opportunity to distribute a film that isn’t like anything they have distributed before. 

We have also chosen ‘Film 4‘  to distribute our film. Whilst they used to be a production company, now they give grants to independant film makers to produce films and in return for the rights to show the film on TV. This would give us other money and contacts if we need them other than ‘Icon’ and would mean our film would definately be shown on TV in the UK. This means even if the film doesn’t have a wide taking in the cinema’s for instance if another large budgeted opens on the same weekend, our film will still reach a wide audience and money can be made on DVD sales.

Oder theses properly.

Sound- Kabir, James, Christian and Kevin

Garage band was the main software we used for creating the background music however we found an hour long piece on the internet. On a website called Beemp3 . We didn’t use this piece because it seemed to be to long and difficult to cut/edit. To remove this error we decided to create part of our own piece using garage band. We felt that 20 seconds of background music would introduce the final media production, this would also draw the audience in.  However we felt that after the first 20 seconds of music, no non – diegetic music was needed as it would decrease the intensity of the piece. Throughout the media production we chose to use only diegetic sounds this would appropriate for genre of the piece. As a group we decided to make each scene with zombies have a diegetic breathing sound effect, this was created via James fuller’s heavy breathing sounds recorded through a external microphone however this did not get the desired effect. So we filmed James fuller using the XM1 camera. From this point we upload the video on I-Movie HD and then split the video and sound as well as increasing the overall sound level intensity.

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Weapons – James, Christian, Kevin, Kabir

A list of the weapons used in our piece.

Our First Cut – ‘The Zone’

Here is our first cut of the opening of our film ‘The Zone’

Production Schedule – Kevin Mcloughlin

Production Schedule.

01.03.10 – 05.03.10 – Storyboard and Script completed ready for shooting, All members of the group to attend each after school.

06.03.10 – Shooting Day One
– 11:00 Start – Sort out make up on zombie actors and tears and blood on costume
– 12:00 First location – Shot throwing focus in the alley way – Filmed by Christian and Kabir
– 12:30 – Get train to Chertsey
– 12:45  Arrive at next location – Allow a further 30 minutes to get the track and set it up,
– 13:15 – Begin shooting shots with and without track at second location Filmed by James and Kabir
– 14:00 Break for lunch – Go and get food and then travel to last location of the opening scene,
– 14:45 – Arrive set up equipment
– 15:00 – Film Outside P.O.V of main character and zombies running – Filmed by Kevin and Kabir when necessary on
– 15:30 – Shoot shots the other side of the fence P.O.V and on the tripod – Filmed by Christian and Kabir
– 16:15 – Pack up and thank everyone involved

07.03.10 – Shooting Day Two
– 11.00 Start – Get everyone together, screen yesterdays materials to show new actors,
– 11:15 – Start dressing the room whilst all actors have fake blood and make up applied – All Group memebers,
– 11:45 – Brief actors on all scenes and script,
– 12:00 – Begin shooting first set of scenes – Without Kevin in shot by Kevin and Christian, shots with Kevin in Shot by
Kabir and James,
– 13:00 – Break for lunch in another room so set is preserved. After touch up make up and fake blood,
– 13:30 – Finish filming all scenes,
– 15:30 Max – Finished – pack up equipment and tidy room. Once again thank all people involved.

Having a timed production schedule for our filming really helped. It allowed us to really keep time of our progress, and ment we could give times to actors so they knew when to turn up, what we were doing and when they had to be where. It ment we could monitor how much we had to do against what time it was to try to stay on top of our filming schedule. We did this better on the second day than the first. The first day we fell forty five minutes behind schedule down to trains and getting the equipment for the track shots from Christian’s house but alot of this we made up as we were able to get a lift from where we got food to our last filming location. On the second day we fell about twenty minutes behind schedule but we caught it up to finish on time.